FAQs all of your dominatrix questions about Me below

If you have a question that is not listed below, Contact Me

What does your website offer that other Dominatrix websites don‘t?
This is My personal site. Most of the photos and videos show Me by Myself, with a slave, or worshiper. In My members' section you can find My Femdom and fetish videos as well as photo sets. Some also show Me with other Mistresses and their slaves. All are professionals, there are no pretend Mistress / BDSM Models here as there are on other sites. I strive to appeal to both the Dominatrix BDSM World and to the Fetish Glamor World, particularly to Muscle Fitness lovers.
How do I become a member?
Joining is straightforward - you just need to click [HERE](/join-now)
Do you really look like that in person? How do you keep your body looking so great?
I take VERY good care of myself. I eat healthy and workout very hard EVERYDAY. That’s no joke. What you see is what you really get. It is a HUGE disappointment when I meet someone in person and they look nothing like the pictures they have sent or posted on the internet. While we are on the subject; I am not a MILF or soccer mom. I Do Not have kids. Never have, never will. (I love kids but I will NEVER have any)
Do you ever take on personal slaves in real life?
Yes. My personal slaves are the slaves I do all the videos and picture sets for My websites. These slaves are very special to Me and very devoted. If I think that you might be a good personal slave for Me, then contact Me and I will speak with you about it. Of course you would have to be an exceptional slave and stand out from all the rest.
In your scenes with your personal slaves, I notice that you are REALLY having intense orgasms and not faking it. Do you really cum that hard in all the scenes for the website?
Yes!!! I am multi-orgasmic and require that My personal slaves bring Me to orgasm as often and intensely as possible.
When are you normally available for sessions?
All days 9am to 11pm.
Will my identity be kept confidential?
Of course. I take great pride in providing the utmost protection of My slaves/clients discretion.
How can I book an appointment?
[CLICK HERE](/slave-application) to fill out your slave application. You may also call Me a few days before or even earlier is expected as I am very busy. It is sometimes possible to book a session on the same day. Have a couple of days/times picked out before you call.
What can I expect in a session?
You will see from the tools and toys that I have, and the services that I offer, that I can do just about anything your imagination can visualize.
I would like to see you today. Is this possible?
My schedule is planned many days in advance. It is possible to have a session with Me on the same day, but you must compensate your Mistress well. All my slaves know to book well in advanced.
Is there anything you don't do?
I will not do anything that I do not enjoy myself. So, no brown or golden showers, adult babies, or insects. Please remember, I will not do anything illegal! (Go online and find out what is illegal in the community we will NOT be having our session.) Also, I do not smoke.
How are online sessions conducted?
I prefer to use Skype, as it is very stable and has good video quality. If you upgrade to the full version you can see the video much larger. I also use Yahoo Massager as an alternative.
Will I ever get to hear your voice in an online session?
Yes, of course, as well as being able to see your Goddess so that you may worship Me properly. (I would be very cautious of a Dominatrix that you can not see or hear online, I would expect that those Dominatrix’s are really men…)
Do I have to go on webcam so that you can see me?
No, that is up to you.
Do you have a strap-on to use on me?
Strap on play is illegal in the United States. We will not discuss it over the phone, Do Not ask.
Will I be able to have a session with you and not be left with any marks?
Yes, but you must tell me this before the session starts. You must also tell me whether you have any medical conditions or are on any medications that I may need to take into account. Even quite severe sessions don't have to mark, and I know many tricks which will give you the sensations you desire without leaving tell-tale signs.
What if I don't like or cannot handle the pain I experience during the session?
We will agree on a safety word before the session starts which you can use to tell me if things are getting too much for you, without either you or I having to get out of character. We will have communicated effectively beforehand about your previous experiences and your wishes, and it should never be necessary to use it.
What outfits do you have?
I adore clothes, and I have a huge wardrobe to satisfy every taste. Just ask me what you would like and I am sure to be able to come up with something suitable. I can be elegant and glamorous, traditionally sexy in garter and stockings, or I can dress in character as a nurse, secretary, prison warden, etc. I am particularly fond of corsets and leather, and I have many long gloves, boots and high-heeled shoes.
What if I have an outfit that I would like for you to wear?
If you have a particular fetish outfit that you would like for Me to wear, kindly send it to Me as a gift. ([See My sizes](/about))
May I request what I would like you to wear?
Yes, but the final decision will be up to Me.
I am a first-timer, how should I address you?
As Goddess Ashlee.
I am a novice and have never seen a Professional Mistress before. What is expected of me?
I expect you to have read my website thoroughly. All your questions will be answered. Pay particular attention to ‘[The Rules](/rules)’ page.
Will you come to me for a session?
If we have had at least one session at My dungeon before, then it is possible. It would have to be extenuating circumstances, and again, I must know you.
What if I'm running late?
I expect My slaves/clients to be prompt and to be on time. Plan for traffic and other delays. Know that our session will last no longer that previously arranged.
What are your rates?
Pro Dominatrix’s do not have “rates.” You pay ’tributes’ to your Goddess. More is expected if I have surpassed your desires. Look at My ‘[Tributes](/tributes)‘ page.
I would like to bring along a present. Can you suggest something?
Of course you may bring your Goddess a gift, it is good manners. I suggest you check my [WISHLIST](http://amzn.com/w/1KOEF5GKA5KBL).
Do you see couples?
Do you attend fetish events/clubs?
Yes, I often attend fetish events. It is a good way to show future clients/subs/slaves that I am real and look like My photos and videos.
Can I accompany you to a fetish event?
If I do decide to go it will only be with a slave who I have met before and he will be required to pay tributes.
Do you offer discounts?
Absolutely not! If you are that cheap, look elsewhere. As the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for…’