FAQs all of your dominatrix questions about Me below

If you have a question that is not listed below, please [let me know](/contact).

Do you allow alcohol/drugs during a session?
Absolutely NOT! Show up for a session under the influence of something and see what happens!
What forms of tributes do you accept?
Cash in a plain envelope, handed to Me at the beginning of a session without Me having to ask is always the best. You can also go to [My Store](http://store.ashleechambers.com) to provide your tributes. Money dot cards or American Express Gift Cards are also discreet for your payment needs. You can purchase a Money dot card at any gas station or online at [www.greendot.com](http://www.greendot.com)
Is this your only job?
Yes. Being a full time Dominatrix and running My websites is a full time job
What do you expect in a potential client, sub, slave?
Be respectful at all times. Be polite, prompt and courteous. Know that there is proper etiquette in the fetish world, you should be well versed. Proper hygiene goes without saying.