I have some awesome fans! Here's a sample of what some of My clients are saying about their Goddess.

sub David
I have had the privilege a few times now for wrestling sessions with the Great Goddess Ashlee. Her sleeper holds are incredible. Don’t let how pretty and sweet She seems deceive you! As hard as it is to believe, She’s stronger than She looks! At times I do enjoy being choked out by her, other times I’d rather not. She’s so good at what She does, I find it hard to tap out before I pass out. It’s so smooth and effortless. I will continue to see Her for as long as She will allow. Love my Goddess!
crossdresser Jessica (Jess)
Crossdressing and feminization have long been a desire of mine. After meeting Goddess Ashlee for the first time at a fetish event, I can't think of spending a day with out her guidance. She has truly taken me to a while other level. After training with Her for some time now, I feel comfortable being out in public as a passable, beautiful woman. Goddess Ashlee and I often go out to lunch and dinners where we get hit on all the time. She also allows me to take Her shopping for the two of us and i feel so proud and pretty as we walk through the mall laughing and smiling with our shopping bags in our hands. If you are lucky enough to book a session with Her, DO IT! She will change your life.
slave jenny
I have known Goddess Ashlee now for over 1½ years. Anybody who goes to a Dominatrix for the first time is nervous and so was I, but looking back now there simply was no reason for me to be. Everybody has different needs, so I can only write from my point of view. I am sincere about this next statement! You will be safe and in good hands when you serve Goddess Ashlee. She is the consummate professional, whose main interest is that you have a wonderful experience. Goddess Ashlee is extremely good at reading a person/submissive and communicating what you need. This is not a situation where you have no input into what kind of experience you want, unless you want it that way of course! So please forget all those bad stereotypes you see on the internet. Goddess Ashlee absolutely respects whatever limits you set, without exception. Her experience is so vast that you can be sure She will know how to handle the ideas you have had in your head for so long but were reluctant to express. She will weave your ideas into a scenario that will leave you wanting to come back for more. No matter what your kink or fetish is, She has done it already, probably more times than she can count. She is absolutely non-judgmental, but absolutely Domineering. Her most important requirement is that you simply be respectful to Her at all times. When I talk to others about My Goddess, I describe Her as a “Ten.” This is because it is Her mind and what She is able to do with it which is most important in a Dominatrix. I literally had decades of fantasies about meeting a Dominatrix. My experience with my Goddess has exceeded those expectations by a magnitude of a hundred. You may confide in Goddess Ashlee about ALL the areas of your life that you have kept hidden away. Anything you tell Her is kept in complete and absolute confidence! slave jenny
Such a glamorous Lady! She is VERY discreet and Her dungeon is located in an affluent, upscale area with private parking. Super sophisticated! Sexy, VERY fit and just downright Awesome! I have spent time with a few lifestyle Fem Dommes and a few of the pros. Goddess Ashlee is The Best! She does an amazing job of taking what you give Her concerning your needs and making it something you didn’t expect that is much better. I immediately felt at ease when meeting Her. As we got to know each other I never felt rushed or judged. The session was the most intense experience I can remember. She truly enjoys Her time with people that She has a connection with. For the day and a half that have passed since my session, I have felt content and excited. I look forward to the next meeting.
sissy Carla (Carl)
I have been doing my feminization training with Goddess Ashlee for about a year now and can not believe the result. She has TOTALLY changed my pathetic life. It would take me hours to discribe how I have changed. From makeup, to walking in heels, to fashion, to taking me out all sissied up and teaching me the proper way that girls do things. The list goes on and on. I worship Her, I crave Her every minute of the day. I constantly miss Her.
A review from servant slave Ian
Many thanks once again for seeing me yesterday. As you noticed I was quite nervous when I first arrived but you very quickly put me at my ease before dealing with me like the slut that I am deserves. You looked fabulous and I enjoyed every minute of the session in which you stretched my boundaries in ways that I had not expected in a sensitive manner, while all the time remaining in control. It took me quite a while to come down afterwards and appreciated your unhurried and friendly manner post-session. For the rest of the day I felt wonderful, and today ache pleasantly in some surprising places! I will certainly be in touch the next time I am in town, which hopefully will be soon. Obediently yours Ian
A review from a sub client
i was looking at some mistress sites for my upcoming trip, when i came across the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. It was Goddess Ashlee. i booked a session with Her, and when the time had came She graciously allowed me in to Her chambers and i laid my eyes on Her for the first time. i was completely taken by the fact that She looked even better in real life. Her eyes, Her hair, Her beautiful muscular body. It was amazing. She orderd me in and it wasn`t long before i stood naked and vulnerable before Her. She dressed me up in some stockings and panties and had me on my knees before She attached a collar around my neck and had me crawling on the floor with the leash in Her hand. She put some chains on my hands and feet and before i knew it i was massaging Her feet, i was sweeping Her floor and caned frequently for my poor skills. It was a delicious pain. i felt i was Hers. Her slave. It felt good. When the session was over i kissed her boots goodbye and left with some glorious memento’s and a happiness that cannot be described. i had been in the presence of a goddess. i needed to see Her again and be back for more. And so i did later that week. After my second session She allowed me to accompany Her to Lunch and i have got to say, carrying Her bag for Her that day and doing other small things for Her, is something that has stuck with me in the greatest way ever since. She is the most beautiful Mistress you will ever see. Stunning green eyes, beautiful blonde hair. An ass, firm and round straight out from an assworshippers dream. Gorgeous feet with gorgeous toes. The most perfect sultry soft skin. An absolute Goddess. With Her intelligence and Her skills in Her art and Her gargantuan collection of shoes and outfits, i can recommend Her to anyone. It was an absolute joy to be Her little slave slut. So much i went back for more and will do so again.
A review from slave Mark
Goddess Ashlee is absolutely everything her website says she is. When I spoke to her to arrange a session her confident voice and manner left me sure I was not going to be dissappointed. When I arrived I was greeted by a very classy Goddess indeed. She oozed authority immediately but was also intent on discussing my likes and dislikes. Goddess Ashlee wanted to make sure I had the time of my life and left nothing to chance. Goddess was dressed in a lovely white top showing her beautiful full womanly figure and a smart,sexy tailored black skirt. She wore sexy black stockings with seams and stood firmly in her black stiletto heels in total control. After telling Goddess my needs straight away she ordered me to get on my knees and greet her properly as her slave and kiss her gorgeous black stilettos. NEVER FORGET she said next time you come to see me. Goddess then told me to strip quickly and kneel before her beautiful female body. She tied me up with a rope, hands tied behind my back and and also tied around my balls. I was helpless, on my knees, licking her fabulous feet. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO BAD BOYS, she said. Goddess then ordered me on to her fantastic whipping bench and caned me for not worshipping her enough. Goddess then blindfolded and gagged me and teased and humiliated me like a bad pet. I must have done something wrong because I was ordered to get back on the bench. I did what I was told. I was still blindfolded and gagged for my second caning and was now totally at her mercy. Silence! A few minutes later she pulled me down and ripped my blindfold off and the gag. As I lay on the floor Goddess told me to massage her feet and lick her high heels clean. I have never been in awe of such gorgeous legs as I lay underneath her and had the privelege of serving her as she put her toes in my mouth and I tasted her expensive stockings and be slapped for the honour of doing so. I bacame her footstoool and was told, DONT MOVE UNTIL I GIVE YOU PERMISSION. Yes Goddess, I replied. I moved and so I was punished of course by Goddess. She stood on me and dug her heels into me and told me to suck her lovely heels all the way. In the frenzy of my humiliation and punishment Goddess Ashlee made me come exactly when she told me to. I had no control. It was Goddess Ashlee who controlled me. I went for an hour but Goddess did not watch the clock. I,m sure it was longer than the hour. I have to say,I was extremely impressed with Goddess Ashlee and her services in her finely equipped chambers. And they were sooo clean and Goddess Ashlee had many toys and wonderful outfits. I will be going again – DEFINITELY. slave Mark
A review from sub Ben
Today I had the honor of sessioning with Goddess Ashlee. To start, she was kind enough to adjust her schedule to ensure that our session could happen. She was prompt and directed me to her location with spot-on directions and the location was very accessible. Her space was an inviting lair with all the accoutrements Goddess (and any sub) would need. It was clean, low lit and exactly what I needed. I must admit, I was a little nervous still being somewhat of a newbie. Goddess Ashlee asked me a few questions and I likely over-emphasized some areas of interest (CBT) and left off others. Goddess then began the session; oh and before I forget, she is beautiful. She was dressed in an executive dress and was extremely attractive. As the session began she had the insight to understand that I couldnt handle the level of CBT that others can and adjusted her approach (Goddess has insight.) Without getting into the private details of our session, I can say she knows her craft, has the most gorgeous legs and can totally command a room…. sub Ben
A review from slave David
Mistress I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you today. The session really broadened my sexual horizons! You are an absolute goddess. That catsuit really accentuated you’re amazing body particularly you’re bottom and muscular legs. Im glad I finally plucked up the courage to see a domina and I am glad I chose you. Thanking you for an enjoyable time, slave David
A review from newbie slave Richard
Dear Goddess Ashlee I would love to echo what many of your other slaves have written, you are indeed much more beautiful than one can derive from your pictures on the website. It is rare to come across a woman who is not only as beautiful as you but who also has a killer body to match but also with a terrific personality to boot. You positively exude a confident air of sexy and sensual womanhood, it would be enough just to look at you. Your legs are truly a site to behold and it was an honor that I was allowed to worship them yesterday – even if my attempts were amateurish. I will strive to improve my technique when we are to meet again. Your manner of erotic domme is played out brilliantly and i could not recommend you highly enough to others, especially newcomers who are looking for a great experience within an sensual backdrop. i am sure you could just as easily satify the most experienced and hard core slaves. Thank you for being so understanding, patience and for showing me so many things. I am sure the full gamut of experiences and tools and techniques is endless and when you add in the mind play the scope for play becomes infinite. there was a lot to take in for a beginner like myself. perhaps a role play scenario, I am your submissive, you punish me, make me body worship you, punish me for pathetic attampts, more body worship and then a reward for my improved effort. I did indeed have a good journey home, my ass tender if not actually hurting from the CP. the cane strokes were intense and I can still feel them this morning but it brings back the memories, it is good to relive it all. Thank you for having me and for the wonderful experience. best regards slave Richard
A review from sub Simon
Im over the top glad that i found a pair of balls and went to see Goddess Ashlee. My first time with a Domina, really gave me so much, being worried that it would go wrong, was all in my head. I want to state not only for Goddess Ashlee , but to all who might read this, that Mistress is indeed a professional and you WILL have a wonderful time. And my promise to all that are on the edge to pick up your phone and book yourself an hour or more with Goddess, i am most certain you would not regret it. My Session with Goddess was all that i could ask for! A very strict, yet understanding Dominatrix, she is a very, very loving and down to earth woman, that has great qualities in her personality. At the end of the session, Goddess was kind enough to sit down and have a chat and let me pick her intelligent brain, where i would have sit even longer but unfortunately i had too get going. It’s hard for me to express better than what i have, english is not my ordinary vocabulary, but the most important i want to share is i had a Great time, I am surely going to see Goddess Ashlee again with permission to visit. I had a great time Goddess, thank you for having me. sub Simon
A review from slave Mathew
Goddess, I wanted to thank you again for what was without a doubt the best session I’ve ever had. As you saw I was quite nervous but you put me at ease and dealt with my slutty tendencies with great understanding. I’ll be certain to get in touch again soon. Many thanks slave Mathew
A review from a generous client
Every visit has been fully enjoyable, and left me wanting more. I won’t go into details of individual sessions, but suffice to say that she is imaginative, cruel when necessary, but sensitive to your needs. She is always careful and professional where necessary and knows what she is doing. Oh, and she always looks fabulous, and has a wide variety of outfits, that make it hard to take your eyes of her! Most of all though, Goddess Ashlee is friendly, and easy to talk to. She tries to ensure she has a good rapport with the client, which makes all the difference to the feel of the session, and she is not a ‘clock-watcher’. I’ll be seeing her for some time yet, and would highly recommend her to anyone else.
A review from slave Brain X
It is a few days after my third session with Goddess Ashlee and I feel compelled to share something of the experience as it just keeps getting better. I’ve finally found the mistress for me, the one that I’ve been looking for after much searching… We hit it off immediately at our first session and have been building a strong rapport with each subsequent meeting; I feel that we have a definite connection which I recognise as a vitally important part of the mistress and slave dynamic. Each time it is different. Each time is an exploration of my sexuality and my deepest fantasies. Each time is exciting and magically fulfilling. Goddess Ashlee casts a spell and I’m very happy to be under her influence. She is engaging, perceptive and inventive. She has a wicked imagination and sense of humour. Oh, and she is sexy as can be and looks breath-takingly stunning. But then that can been seen very easily from her excellent website. This session was just amazing and carried on from where we had got to at our last meeting but with some new twists. Dressed in latex I was permitted to worship her fabulous fit and muscular form and it was a wonderful experience for a fortunate slave! She is a stunning mistress, both physically and mentally, so creative and naturally playful and dominant by turn. Thank you again Goddess Ashlee for such fulfillment, I am still buzzing from the experience… Yours submissively, slave Brain x
A review from a servant
Goddess Ashlee not only has the best website I have seen for a Domina, but it is all true. As an almost complete novice it was with some trepidation that I asked Mistress for an appointment. All day my head and other parts of the anatomy were aching with excitement and not a small part of fear and nervousness. The Mistress made sure that it was the excitement that won out. She is a really classy lady with a sensitive approach to the novice and a hard side to match. She certainly made me see both sides in our first session. My biggest recommendation is to say that I will definitely be back to explore her world further. Your servant
A review from slave servant Mark
Thank you for an incredible experience Goddess Ashlee. I wasn’t sure what to expect as it was my first visit to a dominatrix, but you did not disappoint. I was incredibly nervous and I suspect I was a challenging slave because of it, however Goddess Ashlee dealt with me expertly and it did not take long for her to establish what I liked and disliked. Being a novice, I wasn’t 100% sure of what I wanted and it soon became apparent that some things I thought I would like were in fact experiences I didn’t like. Goddess Ashlee made me feel at ease although still ensuring I knew I was her slave. Mistress began by putting me in rope bondage and made me wear a blindfold/hood. Even the simple thing of having a hood put over my head while bound was a truly incredible feeling. Mistress quickly established pain was not one of my fetishes however sissy slut training and bondage was. I bought Goddess Ashlee gifts including stockings and tights and she gladly wore them for me. She looked truly amazing and her legs are very toned and muscular! Mistress handed me black stockings to wear, followed by black panties, bra, high heels, wig and eventually a dress. It was quite a conservative look and with the added scarf and a small amount of make up I looked a little like an air hostess. Everything fitted perfectly and Mistress told me to admire myself in the mirror and I was amazed by the way I looked! It was difficult to pull myself away from the mirror! Mistress then took me shopping and had me try on more dresses, hose and heels. I felt beautiful! Mistress was very quick to keep me in line as She would not let me speak or look at myself very long. I had to kiss her feet before we left the store, it was wonderful! Now I’ve had my first experience of being dominated I hope to take the sissy slut training and bondage further. I know I can trust Goddess Ashlee completely and I have a huge amount of confidence in her ability to test my limits without going too far. Goddess Ashlee is beautiful and I would be only too happy to massage her legs and feet again should she let me. I hope it’s not too long before I can visit you again. Many thanks, slave servant Mark