Goddess Ashlee | Muscle Dominatrix

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I am based out of Dallas TX ~

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Pro Dominatrix | FemDom Goddess | Fitness/Fetish Model

Welcome My pets. I invite you to take a look into My life as a Pro Dominatrix, FemDom Goddess, and Fitness/Fetish Model. Inside My website, you will find many intriguing erotic fetishes, kinky videos and glamorous/fetish photo sets. Immerse yourself in a interactive, unforgettable experience with a highly respected internationally known Domina.

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My Latest Updates

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    Published: 07/11/2024

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    Published: 07/04/2024

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    Published: 06/27/2024

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As a member of My website, you will always receive the best and most recent updates of My kinky world. Becoming a member of My website ensures that you will always be able to interact with your Goddess. You may also be selected as one of the lucky few that can apply for one of My personal slave positions, which would allow you to be in videos with your Goddess. Also, as a member, you will receive special session discounts as well as info on secret appearances that I will be making. Click here to join now and be inside My kinky fetish domain in minutes.

First, you should know that I am not a cold or cruel Mistress. Domination does not have to be about pain, marks or physical abuse! A scene can be a most subtle and soft experience as well as being strict, severe and intense. Domination means different things to everyone but one thing always remains; it is an art and one that I am exquisitely skilled in.

I enjoy being adored by My slaves and getting to deeply know them. There is no better way to torment or break a slave, than knowing exactly what he desires and using it against him. I am always open to hearing about role-play ideas. However; I do not accept scripts or instructions for sessions, nor will I accommodate scenarios requiring Me to memorize dialogue.

I particularly enjoy hearing about my slaves’ fantasies. The single biggest most erotic organ in the entire human body is the mind. Even the briefest encounter with Me, your Goddess, is something one can take home and cherish. To replay over and over again with perverted obsessive glee.

My Dungeon is distinctively furnished with custom-made devices and equipment of unrivaled excellence. My most treasured pieces include a Saint Andrew’s cross, angled spanking bench, bondage table and other devices never seen any where else. My Dungeon is outfitted with the finest fetish toys available.

My exceptional wardrobe is predominantly black and contains a wide array of leather, latex and PVC fetish wear. I have numerous corsets and waist cinchers, as well as a small but distinctive collection of fine and retro lingerie. I further compliment these outfits with My many pairs of stiletto heeled shoes and knee, thigh and crotch-high boots. What I wear during a session is dependent on My mood and/or the particular activity/training taking place at that time.

I take great pleasure in rendering you completely helpless by means of mildly restrictive to completely immobilizing bondage. Once you are restrained, I may engage in some of the following SM arts: nipple and genital torture, sensory deprivation and overload, mind fuck, chastity control, and electroplay.

Public Humiliation is one of My favorite past times. I enjoy having slaves perform for Me and others while in public, such as; non-consensual play, walking My pet on a leash, feminization and many, many more scenarios that must be played out while in parks, shopping and in restaurants.

Boot/Foot/Ass/Muscle Worship may be allowed as a reward for those deserving, either while in My dungeon, or while in public. I will employ techniques that will transport you to a world of exquisite torture where you will experience heightened levels of pain, pleasure, agony and ecstasy.

Being a Personal Trainer and Life Coach, My experience has taught me that people often have guilt and sadness alongside their fantasies. I have helped many slaves let go of shame and even depression. This is why it is very important that you express any and all fantasies and desires that you might have and what events brought about these desires that may be causing such guilt.